Mahler & Associates has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for over five years, and is proud to work hand-in-hand with some of today’s most reputable mortgage companies. This experience has given us the understanding and knowledge that’s needed in today’s diverse real estate market. At Mahler & Associates, we are committed to ensuring your home is appraised at fair market value by providing high quality, objective and honest service to every property we see. Whether you are looking to appraise a home for purchase, appraise a home for refinancing or appraise a home to understand its current value, at Mahler & Associates we are ready to serve your needs.



  1. Jennifer Says:

    Great Company! I used Mahler & Associates and between them and my lender, I got the best possbile price for my home.

    Given the current real estate market, I wasn’t able to get what I had originally hoped for, but I realized my expectations were just too high.

    I highly recommend Mahler & Associates Appraisals to anybody that wants their home appraised fairly and in a timely manner…I had my appraisal within the week!

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