Don’t Buy That Home Without the Help of Real Estate Professionals

So you finally decided to take the plunge. You’ve scrimped and saved and waited out the housing bubble, now it’s your turn to grab a piece of the American Dream. But wait, your not thinking of getting into the housing market without the help of professionals…are you? That would be a bad move, because without the help of a good real estate agent and appraiser, you may just find that dream crumbling down around you.


With all the tools and advice available today ranging from books and magazines to online advice – it would be possible for you to buy your home almost completely without the aid of real estate professionals. But the housing market is much too complicated for you to take on by yourself, and here’s why. The housing market in each state, city and neighborhood has their own set of laws and rules you must adhere to, and without the help of real estate professionals, you may find yourself lost in a forest of wolves. For example; do you know the best way to negotiate a deal in Los Angeles, or what the comparable house values are in the neighborhood you want to live in…a reputable agent and real estate appraiser do.


Let’s start with the real estate agent. Many of them out there are working for the seller, so you must find one that is on your side. This may entail paying them directly, sometimes even an hourly fee, or if you’re lucky they will split the commission that the seller’s agent gets once the sale is completed. This would be something you need to discuss, before you hire your agent. Next you want to hire an experienced real estate appraiser who is willing to do the research it takes to ensure you are getting an appraisal that is for the fair market value. In today’s housing market, the worst thing you could do is end up paying more than what the home is currently worth, so taking the time to set up your own real estate team is well worth your while. But how, you may ask, do you find these reputable team members; well there are several ways to go about it.



There are now about a dozen Web sites that help connect buyers with buyer’s agents, among them,, and But don’t limit your search to the Web. Once you have an idea of the best rates from national lenders, get on the phone to your community banks and any other institutions with which you may have a relationship. Ask if they can beat the national rates. Often, the local lender can offer a better deal simply because he or she knows the local market and wants to keep your business.


You wouldn’t get your tonsils taken out without the help of an educated professional, so why would you spend your hard-earned cash on something as important as a home without the guidance of the people who are experts in this area? The housing market is very tricky right now, so the more help you get, whether it be from an agent, a real estate appraiser or a reputable mortgage lender, the better.


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